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Amazing Animation
World-Wide Dealer of Animation and Dental Themed Collectible Art
Categories: Amazing Animation
Collaborative Effort

One of the great things about being an artist is that when you create something, it’s totally unique and original. Although an artist might be influenced by other artists, their work is nevertheless a personal expression of themselves which cannot be legitimately reproduced by others without the consent of the artist. From a business perspective this can be very powerful because, like having a patent on an invention, the artist has sole ownership and proprietary rights when it comes to selling and distribution of their work. On the one hand, many artists struggle their whole lives to make a living with their work. On the other hand, those that become popular can be propelled very quickly to fantastic success.

Many clever entrepreneurs have realized the great potential that these artistic types contain and have established ongoing relationships with them to develop and grow large and successful enterprises. Like an ideal marriage of two otherwise isolated and stagnant entities, these two sets of skills can compliment each other in such a way as to bring tremendous success to both, a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

There are many reasons why the Amazing Animation company is so amazing. But the one I wanted to focus on in this post is that my brother, Perry Shiller, has been able to take the concept I mentioned above and evolve it, over the past 23 years, to such an extent, that Amazing Animation has now become perhaps the largest dealer of exclusively owned, limited edition animation artwork, in the world. Dominating the dental art niche and with a strong foothold in sports art and cartoon art, Amazing Animation is a shinning example of how to leverage the potential of an artists’ talent.

As an agent is to an up and coming performance artist, an enterprising entrepreneur can capitalize on the strengths of the visual artist. The paintings photographs, prints and illustrations are especially conducive to selling on line too. Although it might not be as simple as selling a digital product or CD, as far as physical products go they are fairly easy and inexpensive to ship. There is also a large on line market for art, which you can see by doing a few simple searches. One of the advantages, I can see is that it’s fairly easy to know what your getting, as opposed to something like clothing, that in many cases needs to be tried on for fit.

Having commissioned work from several Warner Bros./Hanna-Barbera artists, now both governed by Clampett Studios, and from Charles Fazzino, world renowned  3-D pop art master, Amazing Animation now has the exclusive rights to sell and distribute dozens of limited edition collector cels, serigraphic prints and giclees.

Just like a good fight promoter can leverage the money making potential of an up and coming prize fighter, successful entrepreneurs have joined forces with talented individuals from many walks of life. Some are from music, art, sports and many other areas of expertise. Many of these individuals are even very welcome to joining forces because they rather not be concerned with the business end of things, since they are much more into devoting their time to developing their craft.

Exclusivity has it’s advantages too, since there cannot be any direct competition with your one-of-a-kind product you have more control on establishing its value and subsequent price. Also, if you are successful with one item you can piggy back the success of subsequent products in a series, similar to movies which have many sequels. Customers who bought part one are more likely to buy part two and three since collectors like to have complete sets.

 Here are just some of the famous artists which have commissioned artwork to, or have had artwork promoted via, Amazing Animation (links are to our most recent offers, as of this post):

Charles Fazzino -World Renowned  3-D Pop Artist

Chuck Jones -Original Warner Bros. artist

Bill Lopa -Exclusive fine art and sports artist

Juan Ortiz -Exclusive Warner Bros. Artist

Peter Max – World famous symbolic artist

Thanks for taking the time to read these observations I’ve have made in the area of product and niche development. I welcome further discussion, feel free to leave your thoughts below.

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